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All our films can be accessed from this page and are listed here in alphabetical order.

Under the list of films is a further list of categories (Screens) where films of a similar nature are grouped.

If you know the name of the film you wish to watch, select it from this list to go to it directly. This will bypass the Foyer and Screen pages and the film page will open. Click on the arrow in the centre of the screen to start the film.
You can use the - You are Here >>> - buttons in the top left of the screen or centred under the film, to go to the Foyer or the Cinema where other films of in the same category will be available. To return here, use the Listings button under the film.
Some videos here contain scenes which some viewers may find disturbing.

These are marked *    *

The Films
A Christmas tail - Thinking of buying a puppy at Christmas - watch this first - can only be watched on youtube (Opens in new window)
A Day in the Life at Border Collie Rescue - One 24 hour period and what went on.
An Introduction to the Tawny Owl - a film by Ian McGuire (HD 16.9)
An Introduction to the Short-eared Owl - a film by Ian McGuire (HD 16.9)
An Introduction to the Long-eared Owl - a film by Ian McGuire (HD 16.9)
A Useful Dog - Episode 1
A Useful Dog - Episode 2
A Useful Dog - Episode 3
A Useful Dog - Episode 4
A Useful Dog - Episode 5
A very wet 9th June (HD 16.9)
Big Dog Week - 5 large dogs came in over three days.
Blue- Born on Taransay during filming of 'castaway', wanted to be a sheepdog
Dot - Doing what she loves most - Dot herding - Our most popular music video on Youtube
Dot - The Beauty of the land - Another short film showing Dot herding, in slow motion.
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Jim Cropper
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - John Wood
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Roger Handy with Bet
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Keith Preston
English National Sheepdog Trials 2007 - Stuart Wilkinson with Snow     (Captioned)
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Shirley Cropper
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Sophie Holt
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Thomas Longton with Lady
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Tom Huddleston
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Vic Morris
English National Sheepdog Trials - 2007 - Winners Presentation
Foot and Mouth Rescue - What we were doing during the 2001 F&M epidemic.
Fun with Shep and Tiger - Dogs enjoying their time in the snow. (HD 16.9)
Gilpa Dog Foods - Sponsors of ISDS and BCR - Interview with show manager
Interview with a volunteer - Talking about what it is like helping at the York centre
*Is it Bad Enough For You - is a plea for action to help animals in need*    (Captioned)
Jamie's first assessment - Agoraphobic Jamie sees sheep for the first time    (Captioned)
Kielder Marathon 2011- A look at the event with a visiting dog and participating runner.
Little Gilly - Pocket Rocket - Gilly is small, but mighty in spirit as she demonstrates with her herding ability (Captioned)
Mark Wylie and The Drakes of Hazard - Duck herding demonstration (HD 16.9)
Masham Sheep Fair - An annual event that raises money for local charities (HD 16.9)
Meet Macy and Tess - Two sisters, one deaf and the other providing her ears (HD 16.9)
Meet the Crew - Dogs on the staff at the BCR York centre.    (Captioned)
Music for Sheepdogs - 8 dogs all out in the fields together
Natalia - RSPCA cruelty case handed to BCR for rehabilitation    (Captioned)
Nice Work - 30 second trailer
Nice Work - Episode 1
Nice Work - Episode 2
Nice Work - Episode 3
Nice Work - Episode 4
Nice Work - Episode 5
Nice Work - Episode 6
Nice Work - Musical Trailer
Nice Work - Theatre Trailer
Norman Lorton - International Sheepdog Society CEO - Interview
*Open Your Eyes - is a plea for awareness* - can only be watched on youtube (Opens in new window)    (Captioned)
Panda - Born blind but not handicapped
Patti - an explanation and demo of Working trials - can only be watched on youtube (Opens in new window) (Captioned)
Pet Respect - Animal Assisted Therapy (HD 16.9)
Pet Respect - School and Educational Presentations (HD 16.9)
Pet Respect - Volunteers (HD 16.9)
Pip dreams of Electric Sheep - a 3 legged RTA stray who discovered a preference for herding sheep
Puppy From Hell - Case History about a young puppy who came in with issues but went out with a mission - (HD 16.9)
Puppy Walk - Sally and her pups out for a walk
Ralfs Fabulous weekend (HD 16.9)
RSPCA - Hull and East Ridings Branch (HD 16.9)
Sally's Pups  - Sally gave birth to 8 pups when she came into our care - can only be watched on youtube (Opens in new window)
Sheepdog Demo - herding ducks
Shetland Tess - Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace    (Captioned)
Shetland Tess - Episode 2 - The Awakening    (Captioned)
Smile - A film showing some happy dogs in our care. (HD 16.9)
Snow Break - Just for fun - Dogs and sheep in the snow - January 2013 - HD 16.9
Spotted Flycatchers - A film showing a pair of Spotted Flycatchers nesting at the BCR York centre
The Contribution of Test Pits to Archaeology with Dr Carenza Lewis
The Swaledale Big Dig - How to get involved
Training Gael - Dot helps train Gael to take over her role as Lead Dog at the centre    (Captioned)
Tribute to our friends - A film of dogs that have been though Border Collie Rescue care
Two Stroke Tess - A high energy lass with a spring in her step (HD 16.9)
The Categories - arranged in screens
Screen 1 - A Useful Dog - 5 short Episodes about Border Collies, their heritage and future.

Screen 2 - Nice Work if you can get it - 6 Episodes about Border Collie Rescue and some re-homed dogs.

Screen 3 - The Shetland Tess story - A remarkable tale of survival and re-habilitation

Screen 4 - Some animal welfare films

Screen 5 - Sheepdog Trials and Herding

Screen 6 - Music Based Films

Screen 7 - Border Collie Rescue, work and dogs.

Screen 8 - Films we have made for others

Screen 9 - Films made by other producers

Colliewood Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of Border Collie Rescue, a UK based registered charity that specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Border Collies and Sheepdogs. For more information about the work of Border Collie Rescue, please visit their website. (opens in a new window)
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