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About the Films being shown here

The films shown on this screen are about various aspects of the charity, its work and the dogs in its care.

Watch Films
A Day in the life at Border Collie Rescue - One 24 hr period and what went on.
Big Dog Week - 5 large dogs came in over three days.
Blue- Born on Taransay during filming of 'castaway', wanted to be a sheepdog
Foot and Mouth Rescue - What we were doing during the 2001 F&M epidemic.
Fun with Shep and Tiger - is a short film showing dogs enjoying a romp in the snow at the York centre in February 2012. - HD 16.9
Jamie's first assessment - Agoraphobic Jamie sees sheep for the first time
Interview with a volunteer - Talking about what it is like helping at the York centre
Kielder Marathon 2011- A look at the event with a visiting dog and participating runner.
Meet Macy and Tess - Two sisters, one deaf and the other providing her ears - HD 16.9
Meet the Crew - Dogs on the staff at the BCR York centre.
Natalia - RSPCA cruelty case handed to BCR for rehabilitation
Panda - Born blind but not handicapped
Puppy From Hell - Case History about a young puppy who came in with issues but went out with a mission - HD 16.9
Smile -  is an appeal video showing some of the dogs in our care. - HD 16.9
Snow Break - Just for fun - Dogs and sheep in the snow - January 2013 - HD 16.9
Spotted Flycatchers - Film about a pair of Spotted Flycatchers nesting st the BCR York centre - HD 16.9
Two Stroke Tess - A high energy lass with a spring in her step  - HD 16.9
The Following film can only be watched on youtube (Opens in new window)
Patti - an explanation and demo of Working trials
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