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Interested in making movies? No experience? No Kit? Get in touch.
Volunteering Opportunities with Colliewood Films- click for details
About us
Colliewood Films is an in house production company for Border Collie Rescue,
set up and run by a group of the charities volunteers.

We make films that give insight to the work of the charity, promote the breed and highlight
welfare issues facing Border Collies, sheepdogs and animals in general.
We produce films for Border Collie Rescue and for other charitable causes at very low cost.
We also act as a vehicle to promote the work of other film-makers and charitable causes.
We make our work available through this website and through three Youtube channels we maintain.
The work of the charity - Border Collie Rescue at - http://www.youtube.com/user/BorderCollieRescueUK
Border Collie and Sheepdog related - ColliewoodFilms at - http://www.youtube.com/user/ColliewoodFilms
More general animal welfare issues - Borderlines at - http://www.youtube.com/user/BorderlinesUK

Sometimes it is difficult to locate a particular film on Youtube.

That is why we have set up this website.

All our films can be easily accessed here.

Films on this website are available in different categories as displayed in our Foyer

Some films may be available in more than one category.

To view any film, simply pick a Screen from the list in the Foyer and click on the film of your choice on the Screen page that comes up.
The screen will appear. To start the film, click on the arrow in the centre of the screen.
Alternatively, if you know the name of the film you wish to watch, visit our listing page where all films are
listed in alphabetical order and click the film of your choice.

The listing page can be accessed here

Volunteering Opportunities

Colliewood Films is always looking for volunteers who have enthusiasm and interest in visual and audio media, animal welfare issues and
who wish to become involved in the work of Border Collie Rescue by helping us to make films, music and other presentations for and about the charity and its work.

This could be on a regular, occasional or 'one off' basis and projects undertaken could be at the initiation of the
volunteer if they have ideas that the charity is interested in developing.

Colliewood films needs people who want to be camera operators, sound engineers, presenters, actors (human and canine), scriptwriters, commentators,
character voice over actors, video/audio editors etc, or any other aspect of film making or TV and Radio program making.
People wishing to get involved with editing would find familiarity with Adobe CS5,
(which includes fully integrated Premier, After Effects. On Location, Soundbooth, Encore, Etc) helpful, but not essential.

Anyone who thinks they may be able to contribute to our work, irrespective of previous experience or physical location within the UK, is welcome to get in touch.

Details of how to contact us are on our 'Contacts' page
Colliewood Films is a wholly owned subsidiary of Border Collie Rescue, a UK based registered charity that specialises in the rescue,
rehabilitation and re-homing of Border Collies and Sheepdogs.
For more information about the work of Border Collie Rescue, please visit their website. (opens in a new window)
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