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About the Films being shown here

All the films in this cinema are set to music. Some have subtitles

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Dot - Doing what she loves most - Dot herding - Our most popular music video on Youtube
Dot - The Beauty of the land - Another short film showing Dot herding, in slow motion.
Puppy Walk - Sally and her pups out for a walk
Music for Sheepdogs - 8 Dogs out for a run in ther fields around the York centre
Tribute to our friends - A film of dogs that have been though Border Collie Rescue care
Pip dreams of Electric Sheep - a 3 legged RTA stray who discovered a preference for herding sheep
Training Gael - Dot helps train Gael to take over her role as Lead Dog at the centre
Little Gilly - Pocket Rocket - Gilly is small, but mighty in sprit as she demonstrates with her herding ability
The film below can only be watched on Youtube and will open in a new window
Sally's Pups  - Sally gave birth to 8 pups when she came into our care
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