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Screen 2 - Nice Work (If you can get it!)

About the Films being shown here

Nice work is an in house 'Colliewood Films' production in six episodes and trailers about the work and dogs of Border Collie Rescue, directed by Scottish filmmaker, Jim Closs and edited by Mike Cooke with it's footage filmed at the York centre and in the homes of the dogs featured.
Films are in standard definition 4.3 unless otherwise stated.

The films are linked in sequence. Under each film is a link to the next one, starting with the Teaser Trailer and running as below.

Watch Films

Teaser Trailer
A 30 second trailer for the 6 episode series.

Theatre Trailer
A longer trailer edited from footage and interviews in the series

Nice Work Episode 1
Episode 1 introduces Border Collies and tells us a bit about the breed, and about Border Collie Rescue and the York centre. We meet 'Dot' and 'Gael' at the beginning of Gael's sheepdog training and take a look at 'Patti' in her new home.

Nice Work Episode 2
Episode 2 tells more about how we use sheep at the centre to help assess dogs and looks at Stock dog 'Meg' and Sheepdog 'Flash' in their new home. 'Sally' and her 8 pups are introduced and we follow more of Gael's training

Nice Work Episode 3
Episode 3 starts as the centre prepares for new floors in the stable Block. We meet 'Molly', assessed, selected and rehomed to be a Search and Rescue dog, saved by people, now saving peoples lives. 'Gael' progresses to a larger flock and Sally and her 5 remaining pups go out together.

Nice Work Episode 4
Episode 4 shows a variety of dogs brought to the centre for assessment. 'Gael' goes solo, without 'Dot' to hold her paw. We meet 'Bryn', assessed and re-homed as a Police dog, detecting drugs, firearms and explosives. 'Sally' has a last run with her 3 remaining pups before she is re-homed.

Nice Work Episode 5
Episode 5 introduces 'Biting Shep' and RSPCA cruelty case, 'Natalia', both referred to BCR for behavioural modification. 'Rab' and 'Fly' - as different as chalk and cheese - help each other in their new home. Gael helps with final assessment of 'Sweep' and 'Trim', the last two pups from Sally's litter.

Nice Work Episode 6
Episode 6 shows Gael, now in charge of the sheep, helping with assessments at the centre, and gives insight as to how the charity raises some of the funds to pay for it all. We meet Nell and her sheep, hear from a number of volunteers at the centre, say goodbye to the dogs featured and take a last look at what Border Collie Rescue is all about..

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Musical Trailer
A musical trailer using a collage of footage from the series set to the song
"I like the way you move" by Bodyrockers